An often neglected aspect of a website is its load speed. The importance of speed cannot be emphasized more. It is one of the key factors in Google’s algorithm in determining the ranking of the website. Also, statistics have proved that slower websites have extremely high bounce rates and people just abandon slow websites and switch over to competitive websites in just a fraction of seconds.

First and foremost, we help our clients with global or local SEO strategies that help their Mobile Optimization Service in generating eligible and well-qualified leads which are genuine enough for the closure. However, this ultimately depends on whether their websites cater to just one location or many. But not to worry as in Ahmedabad Web Designing will be your expert partner, no matter what your mobile SEO requirements are, our team always follows the Google guide for ensuring that the client’s mobile site passes all the parameters of mobile search engine optimization audits and provides best of the services in Ahmedabad for any user.


Mobile Optimization Service in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Web Designing specialty lies in the use of proven and highly efficient SEO campaigns which are ultimately helpful in implementing the same for taking our clients’ campaigns to an entirely new level. With us, you will not only accomplish top rankings on search engines but will also witness growth in traffic on your mobile website with mobile optimization services. Our technical team is an expert at fine-tuning the speed of a website on a Mobile device. We generate regular reports using Google Page Speed, GT Metrix, Light room and other tools. The speed is increased on both desktop and mobile versions of the site. Mobile friendly – fast loading websites are a must these days to stay ahead in the competition.

Some of the steps we take to improve Mobile Optimization:

  • Reduce HTTP requests
  • Optimize images
  • Zip Js and CSS files
  • Minify Js and CSS
  • Leverage caching
  • CSS sprites
  • CDN
  • Good fast Hosting
  • Code Optimization