Static Website Designing

A static website is a website with pages (written in HTML/ HTM/ CSS / simple text) sent to Web browsers as it is. This is also called HTML WEB SITE DESIGNING. Static Web design is advantageous in that the pages are easier to build and they are consequently cheaper. These sites appear on browsers exactly as they are programmed. The same information will be displayed to all viewers, making these sites ideal for such things as printed pamphlets.

Static Website is the simplest way to show your product or business online. It is also termed as Small Business Website and Brochure Websites and usually serves with an online demonstration.

Static Website Designing

Our Static Web Designing Services starts with understanding the client’s requirement, analyzing and designing the appropriate layout which translates your business logic into the desired application that gives you a perfect start to your business.

Benefits of static Website

  • Easy navigation of web pages
  • User-friendly attractive and customized interface
  • Easy to optimize in Google , Yahoo and MSN
  • Immediate downloading of images and text
  • Quicker & Easily noticed by the search engines
  • Affordable rates for Website creation and renewal
  • Well-written content targeted to attract the relevant audience
  • SEO Friendly website because it is fast in crawling
  • It open Fast compare to Dynamic Website and Word Press Website Development


  • Static Website Designing In Ahmadabad is very common practice for small business.
  • It is always suggested to have a theme based static website rather Than Template Based Cheap Website.
  • A highly professional-looking website.
  • Highly creative and novel presentation.
  • Completely compatible with all popular browsers.
  • Focused promotion on web.